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The Metaverse and Video-Conferencing platforms

The metaverse is a merging of virtual, augmented, and physical reality, where users are able to work, play and socialize. Bluring the line between your interactions online and in real life.

Mobile Live Streaming Apps

WebRTC streaming solutions for native iOS and Android.

WebRTC projects

Professional video and audio communication tools for all platforms.

We partner with companies to create leading communication platforms and products.

We are working together with our partners and clients to design and deliver modern product or service. We have an extended experience in video-streaming solutions, and we are ready to become your strategic partner in this field. We believe in success in video-streaming solutions

3d video conference

AI algorithms for driving 3d photorealistic avatar, modern real-time streaming.

(Stealth mode)


An intellectual game Mafia is a webconference for 11 players with advanced game logic. Including native iOS app

Digital Samba

Full featured web-conferencing solution for web and iOS, including SIP integration, recorder, whiteboard, slides, polls and questions. Restreaming to youtube and facebook. document sharing, screensharing and polls.


WebRTC communication module for native iOS app, including iOS CallKit


Another web-conferencing platform for web and iOS, whiteboard, slides, youtube, document sharing, screensharing, math formulas and polls.


iOS and Android apps for audio- video- consulting

All WebRTC projects

We have experience developing all parts of WebRTC projects, from native web and mobile to mediaservers and signalling.

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