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We partner with companies to create leading communication platforms and products.


Web-conference tools


Meetings for everyone


Showcase your products


Modern sales channels


Tools for online support


Video-Conference and Webinars

These platforms are used for education, marketing events, seminars. Tools for collaboration include whiteeboard, slides, document sharing, screensharing, math formulas and polls. All platforms have an API for integration with other web services.

Online TV

Streaming solutions for modern browsers, Anroid and iPhone. Video-content management systems, EPG and Adversitement management

Online Sales and Support

Professional video and audio communication tool for your website, designed to increase online sales and online support. This allows the visitor of your site instantly chat or call you using video and audio connection. User can even start screensharing from your site!

We are your strategic partner team

We are working together with our partners and clients to design and deliver modern product or service. We have an extended experience in video-streaming solutions, and we are ready to become your strategic partner in this field. We believe in success in video-streaming solutions

EU, Spain. Digital Samba, SL. :

Create a streamlined experience thanks to our telco friendly architecture and strong API, allowing full integration with your teleconferencing systems and payment gateways.

EU, Tallin. Auding Technologies OU. DR. Evgeny Kaveshnikov, CEO:

We started our cooperation October 2016. Since that time we have come a long way together from idea to high-quality implementation of complex video-streaming project. Daily communication, fast technical support, joint problem solving, and a thorough understanding of the project led to the fact that the company WebTelco has become our long-term partner in the development of RapidSpeaker.

USA, NY. Inweb24 Inc. Zinovi Kurolap:

For the last 3 years our company partners with WebTelco team to develop and run complex video-streaming project. The integration with our systems and fast technical support were essential parts of the project that WebTelco team accomplished very well.

EU, Prague. Omniline Investment S.R.O. Serhii Ilchenko, technical director:

WebTelco delivers incredibly flexible and performing solutions. Together we have created scalable vo-ip software using newest technologies. This made a major boost to our business and allowed us to succeed as a new player in the industry.

Russia, Moscow. Tochka Rosta Research and Testing. Roman Shalimov:

“WebTelco has an incredible team and support –I highly recommend it to anyone interested in technological partnership in IT develeopment. Even if you’re a little hesitant, they will walk you through the process, get you comfortable with it, and improve your overall business.”

Our clients and projects

Web conferencing for professionals

Instant practice of any foreign language

Chat and calls from website

Live monitoring for marketing research

Web-conference for education, integrated with popular LMS

Speed dating online

Live financial market experts in your pocket, everywhere.

PaaS service for online communications with native mobile apps

VideoChat for dating service with billing

Web-conference for first-shcool education

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